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We welcome you to our Cyber Polus website! It’s a pleasure for us to be your guide & adviser throughout the IT world.

Cyber Polus specialized in developing & deploying software applications, effective business solutions, websites & web applications of any complexity.

The company is run by highly qualified professionals with many years’ expertise on the subject. Having had a solid background in working with western customers, they would exploit it to make your IT dreams tangible.

We offer a wide range of customized solutions and IT services that could automate, boost efficiency & competitiveness of your business at the highest level of customer service possible.

Services provided:

We do know how to force technologies into working for you at full capacity!
Welcome to a pole of high technology solutions!

We provide a full spectrum of IT services from analysis of software application requirements & requirements specification-writing services through to project implementation & deployment.

Making extensive use of Agile flexible methodology for software development allows us to guarantee a strict compliance of our software products with the client’s requirements as well as meeting both project & budget deadlines. Moreover, we emphasize that the methodology is based on close collaboration with the customer.

Having had multi years of experience with projects of any complexity, solid knowledge of technologies & tools employed plus the optimal team size, we provide our customers with a high level of service that brings a positive result starting from the initial stage of collaboration.