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Services We Offer At A Glance.

Having employed the most advanced technologies we perform tomorrow’s missions today, namely: create reliable, high performance products that require ease-of-use, intelligent rapid scalability & shorten time-to-market at a favorable cost.

Today we have developed a personal website for you, tomorrow we would turn it into an online shop and in a month we would turn it into a web business portal to handle information streams of your company efficiently.

Our services do not offer a list of services, they tell about the most recent trends in the IT world that would definitely be employed in your project:


We have solid skills in the following areas: ASP.NET MVC, PHP (Zend Framework), Ruby on Rails and we strive to develop your project using any of them. It seems to be they are completely different, especially at a first glance, but they are united with a common thing – MVC.

What is MVC? It is a reliable & proved architecture pattern in creating multi-module, high-speed software. The pattern isolates the model, the view, the controller, permitting independent development, testing & maintenance. The most significant is the fact that adhering to the pattern makes an application easily-scalable, in other words, it is really easy to add new features & reflect UI changes on-the-fly.

Multi-module architecture allows to several people to work on the same project simultaneously. Every part of an application could be modified at any time required without making any harm to others.

MVC – is our choice. The appropriate programming language for your project would be opted depending on the services offered by your hosting provider.


It is well known fact that the amount of data is increasing rapidly every day. Owing to this, every company comes face to face with the issues of data storage & performance of their systems sooner or later. Moreover, sometimes the situation is even worse. All the data is stored in a huge amount of excel files. In other words, the data is hardly manageable & about to run out of steam. Thus, the company’s efficiency goes down.

The only possible solution is to use a DBMS (database management system). Provided a DBMS is designed professionally, it brings a number of benefits & features, but the main is labor cost reduction in processing of both external & internal company business information.

We offer highly effective solutions to help you with data classification, storage and fetching. It would be a pleasure for us to analyze your flows of information & design the most optimal database structure, as well as to opt, adjust, maintain & support the most appropriate database management system (MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite). We guarantee the quality, instant access, high performance, security & reliability of every database designed.


They say, an auto owner is really pleased twice: having buying a car & having sold it. Actually, the situation with site owners is often almost the same.

Usually there is a site administrator or a site clerk who is responsible for the site. It goes without saying, these persons do perform the operations required to maintain the workability of a site, but unfortunately, only partially. It is enough to keep a site up-to-date, but in case of adding some extra features, resolving a non-standard issue their qualifications are not enough.

We offer a simple & a favorable solution – to turn for the support to our company. Moreover, 6 months software warranty including the support of an application developed is included. It would be a pleasure for us to maintain software applications already deployed in your company. Our support services would save both your time & money.

Having trusted the support of your site to us you may be sure that:

  • The site performs all the tasks assigned properly;
  • The content of the site is always up-to-date;
  • The site is up 24/7/365;
  • The site is optimized for search engines.

We provide comprehensive web services to perform any tasks & sort out any issue regarding websites as well as databases.